My pictures can be purchased on either canvas or acrylic. The companies I use work to the highest standards to ensure high quaility. Panoramic photos can only be purchased on acrylic due to their unusual sizes.
Each and every canvas print is professionally made up using the latest equipment and stretched to the correct tension equally over all dimensions, and mounted onto real artists’ stretcher bars, with corner wedges inserted.
The canvas weighs in at a whopping 400gsm
Choose from slim frames which are 19mm deep or opt for chunky frames which are 38mm deep.
They use genuine HP Vivera quality inks. These inks are guaranteed for over 75 years and are the absolute best on the market! Their inks help create up to 72 million rich and vibrant colours; helping to bring your photos to life.
You can also choose from the following:
  • No Bleed - The image will go to the top surface edge of the canvas and will not wrap around the outer sides.
  • Bleed the edges - The image will wrap around the edges of the canvas and simply become a continuation of the front of the print. This means that any objects close to the edge will be lost to the sides.
  • Colour Edge - Like "No Bleed," the image will not extend all the way to the outer edges. However, you can choose a complimentary custom colour for the outer edges of the canvas, perhaps to match with your room decór.
  • Mirror Bleed - The image stops at the edge of the canvas surface and their designers will "mirror" the outer area of the print, mapping it over the edges so that it looks as if you have a continuation of the image. There is no loss of image from the surface.
  • Uncoated prints deliver vibrant and bold colours. This is a great choice for any image that has a minimal amount of darker colours.
  • Matte finish is a specially formulated varnish that will help protect your canvas photo from scratches and scuffs. It also provides strong UV protection and is a good choice for images with an abundance of darker colours and deep blacks.
  • Satin Coating is a brilliant semi-gloss finish that adds the same protection from scratches, scuffs and UV light as the Matte Coating with the added benefit of a slightly shiny surface. This is a good choice for getting deep, rich colours to really stand out.

Cost of Canvas Prints:
12" x 18" £ 49.95
20" x 30" £ 84.95
36" x 48" £185.95
40" x 60" £249.95

12" x 12" £ 39.95
16" x 16" £ 55.95
20" x 20" £ 69.95
30" x 30" £119.95
40" x 40" £179.95

I would be happy to discuss other sizes and any other information you may wish with you via phone.

High-Quality Acrylic Glass Mounting.
Your photo print will be mounted on a solid aluminium backing (Lumabond Pro III®). The picture will then be sealed behind a polished, premium acrylic glass sheet from the market leader (Lumasec Esprit®) using a durable silicon. The silicon ensures no creases or bubbles.
Two acrylic glass options available. You can choose between two acrylic glass depths: 2mm/0.08" and 6mm/0.2". Both offer your picture protection from damage. The different depths allow you to accentuate the desired effect: a sleek, unobtrusive impression with 2mm/0.08", or a bold, imposing, impression with the more substantial 6mm/0.2" acrylic.
Hanging elements include hooks and spacers - and on works larger than 25cm/10" we even affix them for you. Oversized works include aluminium hanging strips, which means you can hang your work immediately.

Cost of Acrylic Prints:
Acrylic Glass 0.08" and Acrylic Glass 0.2"
12" x 18"£99.9512" x 18"£159.95
20" x 30"£164.9520" x 30"£279.95
36" x 48"£429.9536" x 48"£599.95
40" x 60"£599.9540" x 60"£799.95
12" x 12"£69.9512" x 12"£89.95
16" x 16"£109.9516" x 16"£139.95
20" x 20"£139.9520" x 20"£179.95
30" x 30"£239.9530" x 30"£319.95
40" x 40"£419.9540" x 40"£539.95

I would be happy to discuss other sizes and any other information you may wish with you via phone.